First Impressions: My Secret Hotel

Tvn has once again proven that it had nothing to envy to the big 3 channels with the premiere of their newest drama My Secret Hotel.

Described as romantic mystery drama, My Secret Hotel follow the story of Nam Sang Hyo a wedding planner working for the hotel who ends up planning the wedding of her ex-husband Goo Hae Young. Things take a complicated turn when the two of them get entangled in a murder which happened inside the hotel. 

The foundation of the story was extremely well put together bringing us the heart of the story and what to expect in the next episodes: it definitely makes you want more. Not only the murder case  will keep you interested but the true story behind Sang Hyo and Hae Young break up seems promising as well. (though it does scream stereotypical misunderstanding from really far) I’m particularly enjoying the tension between our divorced couple thanks to a great performance from both Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han.

I have always been fond of Yoo In Na and I’m very pleased to see her play a mature but heartbroken working woman who still knows how to act like a kid from time to time. I feel like the character of Sang Hyo comes out of Yoo In Na much more easily than Se Mi in YWCFTS. Her chemistry with Jin Yi Han is definitely here. I feel like it is easier to see it between actors when they play divorced couple as they are supposed to play like they have know each other for ever. 

As for Nam Goong Min, I was a little bit perplexed at first as I was really disappointed by his performance in I Need Romance 3, but it seems like he grabbed his character pretty well, let’s hope it will continue that way.

Finally, I’m totally loving the music. The ending song remind me a lot of the soundtrack for the movie Drive featuring Ryan Gosling in it. It fits perfectly the secret past between our lead and make me feel all giddy. I sincerely hope Tvn is going to release the song soon because I haven’t felt like this about a drama ending for a loong time now.

My Secret Hotel airs every Mondays & Tuesdays on Tvn, make sure to try it, it is definitely worth it.

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First Impressions: It’s Okay, That’s Love


Step aside everyone Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung are back and I couldn’t be happier! 

It’s Okay, That’s Love premiered a couple of weeks ago (and I’m really late I know) and I’m loving how different the plot is from usual drama…okay it is still man meets woman, they don’t get along but I’m enjoying the mature side of the show.

The story follows the encounter of psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo and writer Jang Jae Yul who both deal with their own traumatic experiences. Things between them turn into a romantic relationship when they end up roommates. Together they slowly take the path of healing. The story so far is extremely interesting! Each character has its own story and show us how nobody is perfect, how everyone has to cope with their own demons. As Ji Hae Soo is a psychiatrist (that word is hard to spell I swear) we also get to discover some patients issues and though they are fictionalized for most of them I really “appreciate” the adult content about it. 

The same goes for our main couple Ji Hae Soo and Jang Jae Yul. While I do enjoy dramas were it takes forever for a couple to be together and it’s a big deal when they have their first kiss, it is extremely refreshing to follow a relationship between two adults (with no taboo nor embarrassment)  which is closer to the reality than what we see in dramas.

 I don’t think anyone else but Gong Hyo Jin would have been able to be Ji Hae Soo. Okay, maybe Song Ji Hyo or Jung Yumi could have. Anyway the point is Gong Hyo Jin is one of those actresses who isn’t scared of taking it off on screen for the sake of her character. She will become her character and not the opposite. (Does that even make sense? I haven’t write in English forever, sorry beloved followers)

While Gong Hyo Jin is amazing she isn’t the only! Jo In Sung and the res of the cast are doing a great job too. I am particularly impressed by Lee Kwang Soo performance as a man with the Tourette syndrome. This isn’t something easy to do and he just showed how diligent he is with his work. Exo’s D.O. whom I believe is it’s acting debut is also very surprising. Despite my love for idols I’m always careful about their acting performances, it has been shown many times in the past but not all idols are great actors yet D.O. has proven to have a lot of potential.

It’s Okay, That’s Love comes from the same people who did That Winter, The Wind Blows so it comes as no surprise that the scenery is fantastic and the camera work is beautiful. The use of color is once again flawless and these zoom-in on Jo In Sung’s charming face are the cherry on the cake! 

The beauty doesn’t stop here as the soundtrack is simply mesmerizing! The mix between English and Korean songs is perfect and the genre of songs fits the mood of the drama extremely well!

It’s Okay, That’s Love is currently airing on SBS Wednesdays and Thursdays so go catch up on the show if you haven’t already!

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I cannot believe the only time google Chrome decide to crash is right before I post this quite long post that I just made….I don’t even have the strength to do it again…why chrome why?!

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It’s Okay That’s Love

This drama is definitely under my radar! The writers of That Winter, The Wind Blows and Jo In Sung are back with a comedy this time (at least that’s what the trailer seems to convey) To make the news even greater Gong Hyo Jin is playing the opposite side, promising us a very very interesting drama. 

 Lee Kwang Soo, EXO’s D.O, Yoon Jin Yi (the young Meahri in A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kim Mi Kyung (Eun Sang’s mom in The Heirs) just to cite a few will complete our cast.

Needless to say that the trailer was the cherry on the cake for me!

It’s Okay, That’s Love starts July 23rd following You’re all Surrounded.

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Dear Drama Writers, 

Here we have two examples of confident beautiful women who are portraying the role of awkward and geeky women who lack confidence. The top one from High School is a prime example of what not to do. She is a  caricature of what this perceived  type if woman is. Between her horrible faces,terrible wardrobe and horrible way of speaking she to me is failing at acting this out this troupe. However, we then have bottom picture that is a prime example of how to portray this type of character perfectly. These two actresses are playing the same type of role but Jang Na-Ra adds a depth and believably to the role Lee Ha Na will never be able to reach. I hope I’m not the only one making these comparisons since this type of character seems to be this seasons female lead troupe. I honestly wish they would start writing REAL women. A woman can be nerdy,awkward, and have bad fashion but still be SO much more than just those superficial external things. Real women are a cluster of many things we are multidimensional beings and I wish we would start seeing that in dramas. 


I couldn’t have said it better. It is extremely saddening to see that writers still mold women in very few and simplistic “categories”, neglecting the fact that women are human beings. Let’s not forget how writers also completely obliterate the fact that they have much more to show and to say than what they are allowed to in dramas. It makes me wonder if they actually have any interactions with women.

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