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It’s Okay That’s Love

This drama is definitely under my radar! The writers of That Winter, The Wind Blows and Jo In Sung are back with a comedy this time (at least that’s what the trailer seems to convey) To make the news even greater Gong Hyo Jin is playing the opposite side, promising us a very very interesting drama. 

 Lee Kwang Soo, EXO’s D.O, Yoon Jin Yi (the young Meahri in A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kim Mi Kyung (Eun Sang’s mom in The Heirs) just to cite a few will complete our cast.

Needless to say that the trailer was the cherry on the cake for me!

It’s Okay, That’s Love starts July 23rd following You’re all Surrounded.

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Dear Drama Writers, 

Here we have two examples of confident beautiful women who are portraying the role of awkward and geeky women who lack confidence. The top one from High School is a prime example of what not to do. She is a  caricature of what this perceived  type if woman is. Between her horrible faces,terrible wardrobe and horrible way of speaking she to me is failing at acting this out this troupe. However, we then have bottom picture that is a prime example of how to portray this type of character perfectly. These two actresses are playing the same type of role but Jang Na-Ra adds a depth and believably to the role Lee Ha Na will never be able to reach. I hope I’m not the only one making these comparisons since this type of character seems to be this seasons female lead troupe. I honestly wish they would start writing REAL women. A woman can be nerdy,awkward, and have bad fashion but still be SO much more than just those superficial external things. Real women are a cluster of many things we are multidimensional beings and I wish we would start seeing that in dramas. 


I couldn’t have said it better. It is extremely saddening to see that writers still mold women in very few and simplistic “categories”, neglecting the fact that women are human beings. Let’s not forget how writers also completely obliterate the fact that they have much more to show and to say than what they are allowed to in dramas. It makes me wonder if they actually have any interactions with women.

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I’m still bitter over this….

I’m still bitter over this….

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Choi Jin Hyuk appreciation post

Choi Jin Hyuk appreciation post

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This has to be one of the most hilarious scene I came across in a drama!

This has to be one of the most hilarious scene I came across in a drama!

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First Impressions: King of High School

To be honest I didn’t really plan on watching this show but somehow it sneaked up on me and before I knew I was in front of it, not missing one minute of it.

King of High School follows Lee Min Suk a high school student who somehow ends up impersonating his brother as a high positioned employee. As his double life is already hard to deal with, he finds himself in a delicate situation when he falls in love for Jung Soo Young a contractor at the same company.

Now if I had to sum up my feelings about this drama it would: A stressful comedy.

Thanks to the double life Lee Min Suk has we found ourselves witnessing hilarious situations which most of time ends up well for our hero. However it is still very stressful as we are not aware of when Min Suk luck is going to turn.

Seo In Guk is doing an awesome job as the clueless high school student who finds himself forced to become an adult overnight. I enjoy it particularly as it shows you that no one becomes an adult overnight and even putting a kid in “adult” environment doesn’t change him, at least not that fast.

While I am happy with Seo In Guk and his character, I can’t say the same about Lee Ha Na and hers. Jung Soo Young is a common, naive and insecure girl that few notice. To convey these characteristics we get the cliché of the girl who doesn’t have an amazing sens of fashion, wear glasses and care just little about her appearance. Alright, until this point nothing really  surprising in kdramaland but the way Lee Ha Na plays the role? It’s terrible! She plays Jung Soo Young as a dumb girl, borderline “retarded”. It makes me angry to see a personality molded in such a simple way and even more angry to see a disability disregarded like this. Maybe I am overeacting and over analyzing the drama but it seems just too easy and unfair to female leads to be written and performed in such a ridiculous way.

That aside, it is refreshing to see a mixed cast between a high school and a company. I cannot wait for all of them to face each other. A special mention to Lee Soo Hyuk who really surprised me as the cold and direct Yoo Jin Woo. It is the first time I watch a drama of his and it was a great surprise.

To conclude i will say that this drama is definitely not without flaws but it is still an enjoyable drama, perfect for holidays.

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Actor Joo Won is the next hot new guest to make an appearance on the popular SBS Sunday variety show “Running Man“!

This will be Joo Won’s first appearance on a Sunday variety show since he left KBS’ “1 Night, 2 Days” eight months ago. His appearance on “Running Man” is of particular…

Finally !!!!! I have been waiting for this day to happen forever . Joo Won is finally coming back into the variety scene and in Running Man nonetheless. I feel like this is going to be a great episode and I cannot wait for it to be released.

Between this and Joo Won’s comeback on the small screen with the Korean version of Nodame Cantabile I am excited !!

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